Why should you become a member?

Export development:


Membership will give you unique access to the key international markets. We provide strategic insight,through market intelligence directly from our partners and also via hands-on experience through visits and cluster-to-cluster MOUs

We aim to give our members a head-start into markets worldwide, arranging trips and bringing companies together at international meeting places and conferences. Through our collaboration in Team Norway we act as a door opener for offshore wind companies. We provide project management in the Global Growth Offshore Wind Programs by Innovation Norway and recruit Norwegian companies to international accelerators.

Home market:

As the largest industrial cluster in Norway, we aim to be the most influential offshore wind body in Norway. On behalf of our members, we represent the industry in political processes regarding the development of offshore wind in Norway.

Through the Developers Forum, we facilitate dialogue and coordinate input from Norwegian developers, which assist authorities in their decision making processes  regarding offshore wind parks in Norway. On the Developer Tours, we organise meetings all over Norway between supply chain companies and developers.

We also arrange the annual Havvindkonferansen / Offshore Wind Conference each  autumn,  as well as  meetings, webinars and conferences aimed towards the home market.


We aim to be a bridge between academia, the offshore wind industry and the research funders. We help apply and participate in RDI projects in Norway and abroad, where we connect research, finance and business, across a range of relevant themes

In order to succeed , the offshore wind industry needs to  develop new ideas and solutions. We operate an offshore wind accelerator for startups, aimed at connecting new solutions with established projects and companies.

Our EU team helps companies understand relevant EU calls and develop successful applications. EU projects provide excellent opportunities for offshore wind, and our team makes sure that members of Norwegian Offshore Wind don´t miss out.


Membership for 2023 is as follows:

  • Startups*: NOK 5 500
  • Small size companies (less than 100 mill NOK annual turnover): NOK 11 000
  • Medium size companies (less than 500 mill NOK annual turnover): NOK 16 500
  • Large companies (more than 500 mill NOK annual turnover): NOK 22 000

*Criteria’s for the Startups category:

  • Less than 2 mill NOK annual turnover
  • Less than 3 employees




About us

Our goal is to increase profits by cooperating on innovation and market opportunities in offshore wind.

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