Global Growth programs explore strategic offshore wind markets


PHOTO: Karina Lange

Selected Norwegian companies get exclusive access to markets through these export programs by Innovation Norway.

Offshore wind is one of the first strategic export initiatives by the Norwegian government. The Global Growth Offshore Wind programs help Norwegian companies into the markets with the greatest potential for offshore wind export.

 Norwegian Offshore Wind provides project management for the programs dealing with offshore wind.

 -The feed back we get from the companies who have joined so far is that these programs provide both the insight and the network they need to explore these markets thoroughly, says Astrid Green, project manager in Norwegian Offshore Wind.

 The programs for US and France are well underway, and Japan is coming up.

 -We are also planning for new markets next year. The offshore wind industry is growing rapidly, and we need to grab opportunities early to make sure the Norwegian supply chain will be picked to deliver to projects globally, says Astrid Green.


Global Growth Offshore Wind Japan

Japan plans to develop up to 45 gigawatts of offshore wind by 2040. The country's high ambitions offer great opportunities for the Norwegian offshore wind industry. Join our export program, Global Growth, to explore the opportunities in this exciting market.


Global Growth Offshore Wind USA 

The US offshore wind market is the most significant opportunity of our generation. With a potential to produce more than 200 GW of electric power, and an expectation to generate more than one hundred billion USD over the next decade, this market represents an enormous opportunity for Norwegian companies. Read more about this ongoing Global Growth program to explore the unique opportunity in this market.


Global Growth Offshore Wind France 

France has a goal of building out 1 gigawatt of offshore wind capacity annually and 6.2 gigawatts already by 2028! The country's high ambitions offer great opportunities for the Norwegian offshore wind industry. In the Global Growth programme, we will help the participants succeed in one of the world's most exciting markets for floating offshore wind.

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