To strengthen the cluster we have established 17 working groups. If your organization is a member of the cluster, you can show your interest by registrer for one or more working groups. If you have input for further groups, please notify us. If you have requests regarding a specific working group, feel free to contact the leader of the group, or the cluster administration. The working Groups are arranging meetings, workshops, market visits and other activities.



  1. Home market (Leader: Knut Vassbotn, Deep Wind Offshore)
  2. Market Irland/Scotland (Leader: Alfred Risan, MRC Global Norway)
  3. Market Spain/Portugal (Leader: Einar Tollaksvik, Saga Subsea)
  4. Market Italy/Greece (Leader: Gunnar Birkeland, Source Galileo Norway)
  5. Market France (Leader: Tore Hafte Staalelsen, RTS)
  6. Market Japan (Leader: Carl-Petter Halvorsen, Seasystems AS)
  7. Market Sweden (Leader: TBA)
  8. Market South Korea (Leader: TBA)
  9. Market Polen/Baltics (Leader: TBA)
  10. Market US (Leader: Susanne Andresen, Esgian Offshore Wind)
  11. Port & Infrastructure (Leader: Turid Storhaug, Windport AS)
  12. Contracts  (Leader: Jørn Uggerud, Advokatfirmaet Hjort)
  13. Health, Safety and Environment (Leader: Jesper Jonø, RelyOn Nutec)
  14. R&D (Leader: Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa, Universitetet i Stavanger)
  15. Financing (Leader: Andreas Østern, DNB Bank ASA)
  16. Maritime Operations, Installation, O & M  (Leader: Joacim Buch Andreassen,  Aker Solutions)
  17. Simulation and Digitalization (Leader: Magne Berg, PAS)

    It is possible to registrer for more than one working group.

Knut Vassbotn

Working Group Leader - Home market

mobile: +47 959 39 400

Knut is CEO of the company Deep Wind Offshore. Knut is member of the steering committee in Norwegian Offshore Wind.

Alfred Risan

Working Group Leader - Market Ireland / Scotland

mobile: +47 977 49 760

Alfred has a position as Business Development Manager at MRC Global Norway.

Einar Tollaksvik

Working Group Leader - Market Spain / Portugal

mobile: +47 906 94 490

Einar is Managing Director at Saga Subsea in Haugesund and member of the steering committee in Norwegian Offshore Wind.

Gunnar Birkeland

Working Group Leader - Market Italy / Greece

mobile: +47 909 81 029

Gunnar is CEO at Source Galileo Norway and chairman of the steering committee in Norwegian Offshore Wind.

Tore Hafte Staalelsen

Working Group Leader - Market France

mobile: +47 928 65 656

Tore has a position as Managing Director at RTS.

Carl-Petter Halvorsen

Working Group Leader - Market Japan

mobile: +47 96501922

Carl-Petter has the position as Business Development Director at Seasystems AS.


Working Group Leader - Market Sweden



Working Group Leader - Market South Korea



Working Group Leader - Market Polen / Baltics


Susanne Andresen

Working Group Leader - Market US

mobile: +47 486 35 852

Susanne is a Senior Analyst at Esgian Offshore Wind, with a focus on the US Market, Global Auctions, and LCA. In addition to offshore wind, she has previously worked in data intelligence for the hydrogen, battery, and carbon capture and storage markets.

Turid Storhaug

Working Group Leader - Port & Infrastructure

mobile: +47 95 94 75 83

Turid has the position of Chief Technology Officer at Windport AS. Turid’s main responsibility is port development wrt efficient logistics, sustainability and safe operations.

Jørn Uggerud

Working Group Leader - Contracts

mobile: +47 975 40 185

Jørn A. Uggerud is a lawyer and partner in the law firm Hjort DA in Oslo, and has three decades of experience with contract law, company law and transaction-related assistance to clients in Norway and abroad, both privately owned companies and publicly owned companies and agencies.

Jesper Jonø

Working Group Leader - Health, Safety and Environment

mobile: +45 29 13 39 36

Jesper is working as HSEQ and Product Manager at RelyOn Nutec

Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa

Working Group Leader - R&D

mobile: +47 480 22 045

Kristin is Energy Director at the University in Bergen, and she is also member of the steering committee at Norwegian Offshore Wind. 

Andreas Østern

Working Group Leader - Financing

mobile: +47 957 59 007

Andreas is Head of Energy Transition Solutions - Ocean Industries i DNB Bank ASA

Joacim Buch Andreassen

Working Group Leader - Maritime operations, installation, operations & maintenance

mobile: +47 907 90 443

Marine Operation Manager at Aker Solutions. He has a long experience in marine operations also from positions as Operational Director Subsea at Solstad Offshore and Master on Construction Vessels.

Magne Berg

Working Group Leader - Simulation & Digitalization

mobile: +47 913 04 702

Magne Berg is Head of Assurance Solutions in PAS (Performance and Assurance Solutions) at DNV.

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