Norwegian offshore wind is the largest representative offshore wind body in Norway with the overall mission to develop world leading supply chains within floating wind.

In 2021 Norwegian Offshore Wind was awarded status as an ARENA Pro Cluster, through Norwegian Innovation Clusters. Our members range from small startups to multinational companies. 

Norwegian Offshore Wind grew out of the Marine Energy Test Centre (METCentre) in Haugesund. This is where the world’s first floating wind turbine was installed already in 2009 and is still running today. In just a few years, the Norwegian offshore wind industry has grown rapidly, and so has our cluster. Norwegian Offshore Wind now represents both supply chain companies and developers. As such we have a strong voice in both political and industrial arenas in Norway.

On an international level, we help our members to gain access and succeed in the key offshore wind markets, especially within floating wind.

We are industry driven, agile and have a strong market focus. Our members are organized in working groups led by industry representatives. Norwegian Offshore Wind aims to be a hub for information and knowledge sharing, as well as representing the industry in national and international forums for offshore wind development. We help suppliers find each other and enable developers to meet the supply chain by taking them on tour around Norway..

Each year, we organise the national conference for offshore wind in Norway, Havvindkonferansen, and the flagship international event for the global floating wind industry, Floating Wind Days.